The Little Ranch Farm & Natasha Snyder Photography

Home Studio - Owner at the Little Ranch Farm

The Most fulfilling thing has been turning my once horse farm into a play land for beautiful portraits.

Imagine a place where the grass grows tall and is interspersed with magnificent wildflowers.  A place where sun rays filter though low hanging branches of the sprawling oak trees, and where water lilies grace the pond with stunning purple flowers in the spring. Imagine a property where tall golden rods sway in the fall, and wisteria lets loose on our island. 

This. This is where my inspiration began.

With the help of my husband, we developed the entire landscape into a photographer’s haven.  We built a vintage greenhouse using antique windows, complete with a chandelier and all the plants a girl could desire.  The pond has a lovingly restored wooden rowboat, and a classic vintage truck sits in the field, where the sun lights it with perfection.  There are many other gems throughout our outdoor studio, too, like a row of painted doors, a fun mural, swings, and even a clawfoot tub!

Some of the most beautiful portraits are made right here, and when you book with me, all of this is included in your session fee.  I hope to see you soon so I can share this incredible place with you!