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Living the dream on my homestead outdoor studio

o say I am blessed is an understatement. Everyday I get to wake up to my dream life.  As a family, I get to live on our homestead, where we grow most of our food and raise chickens, goats and bees.  As a photographer, the most fulfilling thing has been turning my once-horse farm into a play land for beautiful portraits.  

Natasha Snyder Photography

Imagine a place where the grass grows tall and is interspersed with magnificent wildflowers.  A place where sun rays filter though low hanging branches of the sprawling oak trees, and where water lilies grace the pond with stunning purple flowers in the spring. Imagine a property where tall golden rods sway in the fall, and wisteria lets loose on our island. 

This. This is where my inspiration began.

With the help of my husband, we developed the entire landscape into a photographer's haven.  We built a vintage greenhouse using antique windows, complete with a chandelier and all the plants a girl could desire.  The pond has a lovingly restored wooden rowboat, and a classic vintage truck sits in the field, where the sun lights it with perfection.  There are many other gems throughout our outdoor studio, too, like a row of painted doors, a fun mural, swings, and even a clawfoot tub!

Some of the most beautiful portraits are made right here, and when you book with me, all of this is included in your session fee.  I hope to see you soon so I can share this incredible place with you!

 where oak trees are able to let their branches hang low allowing the prettiest sunrays through, where the water lilies bloom the most stunning 6-8 inch tall purple flowers in the spring, where there are mowed paths in between the tall golden rods in the fall, and where wisteria lets loose on the our island with a ton of purple blooms of the most stunning flowers.  This.  This is what was created just for my clients.   And that is just a part of it.  Building a vintage like farm greenhouse with antique windows, a gorgeous chandelier and all the plants and flowers of any girls desire.  A pond with a vintage rowboat that my husband and I fully restored, a classic vintage truck that sits where the sun lights it with perfection, and many other gems is all part of making magical portraits here come alive and are made timeless. ♥ Some of the most beautiful portraits are made right here. I hope to you see soon so I can share this incredible place that was built just for you to have the portraits of your legacy. 


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Tiffany Zeitouni

Natasha knows exactly how to capture the moment and turn it into an incredible piece of art!  I am so thankful for her passion for photography.  She goes above and beyond!  The fact that she gets to know you and your personality says a lot about her business.  She studies and researches the theme of the shoot.  She also takes her time and everything else falls into place when she transforms your images into a beautiful piece of art.  Natasha is a natural artist who believes in the power of creativity!  She will make your dreams a reality! 

Galveston train museum
galveston, texas

"She will make your dreams a reality!"

Amber Lanterman

Natasha Snyder is an outstaning photographer who gets the best of both parents and children which is a rare talent!  We've had an excellent experience working with her as our photographer.  Natasha has photographed our family on numerous occasions from maternity sessions to milestones to family sessions and from the start she was very easy to work with and incredibly friendly.  She makes you feel comfortable, confident and beautiful along with keeping the children engaged and smiling.  We have a home covered with extraordinary, unique and beautiful images of our family thanks to Natasha!  I highly recommend Natasha for her professionalism, creativity and quick delivery of stunning photos.  If you are looking for a talented and reliable photographer, Natasha is the way to go!  My family and I are looking forward to our next sessions. 

santa fe, texas

"natasha snyder is an outstanding photographer who gets the best of both parents and children which is a rare talent!"